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Eat better, feel better.

Eat better, feel better.
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MORAIMA AND FERNANDO MENDOZA. Moraima and Fernando Mendoza, both 57, had joined 71 million others nationwide who have high cholesterol. According to their doctor, this diagnosis put them at a much higher risk of developing heart disease — the leading cause of death in the United States.

Their doctor recommended medication but the Mendozas sought an alternative to medicine to lower their numbers – eating well. They met with a nutritionist who suggested that a few minor adjustments to their diet could have a huge impact on their health, including their cholesterol numbers. They discovered that eating well also means eating delicious – and it lowered their cholesterol.

Moraima started cooking with coconut oil instead of lard. The couple made it a point to include regular visits to the local farmer’s market in their grocery shopping routine. Although they continued eating many of the same meals, closer attention to ingredients and portion control made a tremendous difference.

And though not her goal, Moraima discovered that her new diet also helped her lose weight.

“It’s not about being a fanatic,” she said. “It just means making a few small adjustments to our lifestyle.”

Set up an appointment with a nutritionist at the Caring Health Center at 413.739.1100 to make healthy eating choices suited to you.

Or contact the Mason Square Health Task Force at 413.788.6143 to sign up for the nutrition program “The MENU Program: My Experiences in Nutrition and Understanding.”

Also, get started on small and meaningful changes to your diet with these recipes or by getting fresh produce from Springfield’s Go Fresh Mobile Farmer’s Market at a stop near you.

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